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Etikettendruck Förster –
Your knowledgeable UL printing company since 1990

We have been designing and producing UL labels for well-known industrial companies since 1990.

The requirements and regulations are very complex and may require a detailed consultation in order to explain the UL-compliant marking and the different application programs.

The UL certification of an end product by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to every single component of the product.

A label is such a component whose requirements are regulated in the UL 969 “Standard for Marking & Labeling Systems”.

The most common labeling standards for labels are ANSI / UL 969 and CSA C22.2 no.0.15 (Canadian Standards Association).

The content of a label can be an electrical nominal value or a warning with pictograms or have written instructions and information about a product.

The standard defines the criteria for the durability and legibility of the labels as well as the test methods.

We are also happy to tailor solutions to your needs, which can be added to existing approvals or, if necessary, add new materials and carry out the entire approval procedure for you.

Etikettendruck Förster is one of the few authorized printing companies in Germany and is therefore used by UL as a “training facility” for new inspectors in the field of marking and labeling in the course of an audit.

Our portfolio of UL labels includes 4 approvals with 33 materials, which are tested and listed under the following categories according to UL 969 (USA) and CSA 22.2 and CSA C22.2 no.0.15 (Canadian Standards Association).

  • PGAA – File no. LP2409 –
    Authorized UL Label Supplier
  • PGDQ 2 + 8 – File no. MH29406 –
    Marking and Labeling
  • PGJI 2 + 8 – File no. MH 45157 –
    Component Printing Material
  • TEOU 2 + 8 – File no. E331140
    Repackaged Recognized Components

Förster Etiketten is entitled to print UL marks on labels and to produce R-type and L-type with serial number, file number, ISSUE number and variable data.

We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you

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